For true happiness we need some rules...


Download a copy (2018)

NO Alcohol  or ANY other  drugs to be consumed on the site.

This includes individuals AND their guests.

There are too many bars locally to name that you may frequent. Don't bring it home.



NO SMOKING on the property including guests.


Smoking is a serious fire risk.



NO Drunken Behaviour on site.

Consider your fellow guests.





No Lude Behaviour.

Particularly in common areas.


No Littering.

There are plenty of Bins...

No loud Music.

Consider you fellow tenants and be sensible to the noise you make.

No Aggressive or angry behaviour.  Ever.


No  damaging of the property.

This includes graffiti.

Keep the property SECURE  at all times.


Close security doors and keep your items safe.

Clean up after yourself.

Never leave common areas a mess.

Keep your home a place where you can study,


Don't invade others privacy

Respect others and your differences.