Situated a stones throw from South Bank and central to Brisbane’s central education precinct. South Bank Villas is all about a safe, sensible, convenient, study environment, yet close to where it all happens…




Unbeatable location. Maximise your student experience by staying at the most convenient location which saves money, travel time, and hassles!

Universities, TAFE, cinemas, bars, restaurants, cafes, coffee, ice cream, libraries, theatre, museums, sporting facilities, parks and all public transport  are all a few metres away.






Community with independence for the discerning 19-29 year old. Private rooms means independence and privacy when you need it, and like minded people around you when you don’t.







All inclusive rental with clear guidelines means no hidden costs and no hassles: you have all you need  to set up your new home.

Air Conditioning, Wifi Internet (n & ac), 32” TV, Bed, Desk, Fridge, etc, etc..

Your rights are protected with full clarity and transparency with bonds and agreements lodged with the Residential Tenancy Authority.








Safe, Secure, Sensible living in your own fully equipped private study haven. Your safety and security are paramount.

Secure rooms, surveillance cameras and security on-call !







Help is at hand with our on-site senior tenant, ready to assist with your enquiries.

Find information on our website, and in our resident handbook, or call / email Care & Contact service.







APPLY  NOW !   and make some new friends…